“A Fireside Chat”

I am very happy and proud to announce my newest and most unique FDR Lives presentation.  On February 15, 2019 I premiered the two-act, one man show “A Fireside Chat.”  The sell-out audience at the Schauer Center for the Arts in Hartford, Wisconsin delivered a standing ovation to FDR (well, me actually) at the end of the evening.

The show mixes humor, anecdotes and historical facts to entertain and inform the audience about FDR’s triumphs, regrets, life highlights and historically significant events.  Audience members are drawn into the production even further as the president chats with them and solicits answers to questions.  The hour and forty-five minute production (including intermission) gives an honest and thought-provoking portrait of the President who ranks with Washington and Lincoln as the three greatest U.S. Presidents and the one person most responsible for shaping the twentieth century.

The production is ideal for community theater “dark nights” since it requires only a very simple stage configuration, two set pieces, as well as simple lighting and sound cues.  But it also works well for presentations to organizations, or community events.  I would love to talk with you about it or answer any questions you might have.  My contact information can be found under the “Booking”  tab.

About Gary M. Stamm

I am an actor and presenter who gives programs and presentation as Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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