Would you like to have our thirty-second President bring history alive for your audience?  Now you can as many community groups, museums, retirement communities, schools and national parks have already discovered.  Gary Stamm is .  .  .  Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

When someone asks me, “Do you impersonate Roosevelt?” my response is that what I am attempting to do is embody our 32nd President.  Yes, I do all I can to look and sound like him.  But moreover, I hope to capture the spirit of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  This was a man whose energy and spirit helped lift us out of The Great Depression and win a terrible war.  He was charming and caring to his friends and his fellow Americans.  But inwardly he fought many personal battles with his health and some of his closest relationships.  He was very complex.  I only hope that I capture that complexity in my portrayal.  I have always had a fascination with United States history.  Portraying Franklin Delano Roosevelt is an honor for me.

A Sampling of Past Performances

Torchlight Parade at Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site                       FDR Library at Hyde Park, NY
Saratoga Springs Historic Park, NY                                                                                        Wilderness Wildlife Week (Pigeon Forge, TN) Keynote Speaker
Schauer Arts Center, Hartford, WI
Nebraska National Guard Museum
Bonneville Damn, Portland, OR
Top Cottage, Hyde Park, NY
Museum of American Amour, Bethpage, NY
Wright Museum of WWII, Wolfeboro, NH
New York State Military Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY
Hartford Union High School, Hartford, WI
Saratoga Springs High School
Saratoga Springs League of Women Voters
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Park
DiMenna Children’s History Museum, New York City, NY
Numerous retirement communities in Minnesota, New York, Colorado and Missouri
Many Private Organizations

Here’s what clients had to say:

“Thank you for coming to Hyde Park and being such an important part of President’s Day.  It really made the weekend.  The visitors LOVED  your portrayal of FDR, which is always incredible.  I bet FDR was up there enjoying it all.”

“Our retired educators greatly enjoyed your presentation and especially appreciated the attention to detail and considerable preparation you took to make it such an enjoyable but also informative event.  As educators, they love learning and are very delighted to find out something new or enhances what they already know.  It was a great day.”

“Gary Stamm as FDR is something at which to marvel.  And our Wright Museum of WWII audience did just that. From his entrance in an FDR wheelchair, with hat waving and cigarette holder jutting upwards, the FDR look-alike had the audience in the palm of his hand. His is not an overblown larger-than-life impersonation, but a finely tuned and subtle rendering of Roosevelt the man. It was like hearing (and seeing) one of FDR’s fireside chats. One could almost understand from Stamm’s measured delivery how a nation of radio listeners thought of FDR as a father-figure as well as a commander in chief. After his presentation there was a lengthy period of questions and answers – most questioners beginning with “Mr. President, can you tell us……”; and Stamm using his knowledge of Roosevelt, gave insightful Presidential answers.  The evening was a hit with the Wright Museum’s audience and many asked if we could have him back again.  I highly recommend Gary Stamm if you desire bringing history to life.”

“His professionalism, presentation, and personality make him a pleasure to work with, and the fact that he tailor’s FDR’s remarks to meet the needs of the audience is especially effective.”

“I can think of no one else that plays President Franklin Delano Roosevelt any better than Gary Stamm!  From the minute I set eyes on him, I said, ‘This is FDR!’  .  If you want people to come to your event, hire Gary to come and entertain them as FDR!  It is well worth the investment!”

“The Schauer Arts Center was so pleased with Gary Stamm’s performance of ‘A Fireside Chat.’  He was credible and clearly knowledgeable on the topic, which resulted in the audience being engaged and responsive.   He was able to field questions from the audience and several patrons stayed to chat after the performance.  The condensed program given to high school students was just right for US History studies.  To keep high schoolers engaged and even asking questions is a testament to his ability to tailor the presentation to the audience.  I recommend FDR for a unique and refreshing theater experience.”

“During the week we set up multiple performances for President Roosevelt.  He led a ‘Fireside Chat’ and press conference live on FM radio.  His performance was so real that a person called into the Museum and asked ‘Isn’t President Roosevelt dead?’ ”

“The audience enjoyed the president.  Not only was your program entertaining but very educational.  Thank you for amazing presentation as “FDR”.  I will be sure to share your presentation with other organizations.”

“Our office was searching for a keynote speaker for one of our largest events of the year, our 26th ANNUAL Wilderness Wildlife Week.  After an extensive online search to find a reenactment of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Great Smoky Mountain National Park dedication, we discovered Gary Stamm. Our Staff was delighted and impressed from the first correspondence all the way to post performance as everything was perfect. Without a doubt, Gary Stamm was exactly what we were looking for. It was obvious to us he put hours of preparation into his FDR character portrayal.  Gary was nothing but professional and walked in the door of our building prepared and ready to perform. We would not hesitate to book Gary Stamm again!”

“Gary’s first person impression of FDR was spot on for our high school students.  In his hour, he highlighted the two major events (Great Depression and World War II) that affected his presidency.  Providing a well-researched and engaging presentation.  The timing of his presentation was ideal as we are now discussing those events in class, and students are referencing back to his presentation.”

“Gary Stamm’s portrayal of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the centennial event at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park was spot on. His knowledge of the 32nd President of the United States and his actions and policies was amazing. As close to the real president as one can get.”

“In front of a large and boisterous bipartisan audience, gathered to celebrate America’s heritage, FDR stopped the room with a spot on delivery.”

“Our 75th corporate anniversary became a genuine celebration of our nation and its history when Gary arrived in a World War II jeep and began to speak to our customers and employees. His nuanced interpretation of FDR was simply uncanny.”

Contact Information

Gary Stamm
(262) 705-5496


Gary Lewi, Vice President, Museum iof American Armor, Bethpage, NY,

Franceska Macsali-Urbin, Supervisory Park Ranger, Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historical Site, Hyde Park, NY,

Mary Brodzeller, Executive Director, The Schauer Arts Center, Hartford, WI, 

Gerald D. “Jerry” Meyer, Nebraska National Guard Museum, Seward, NE,

Gina Johnson, Chief of Interpretation, Saratoga National Historical Park,

Michael Culver, Ph.D, Executive Director, Wright Museum of WWII, Wolfeboro, NH, 

Corey Manlick, Social Studies Teacher, Hartford Union High School, Hartford, WI,

Jessica Stever, Activities and Volunteer Services Manager, Beverwyck Retirement Community, Slingerlands, NY,