About Gary Stamm

Stamm126Gary’s performance career spans more than forty years and includes theater, musical theater, a cappella quartets, emceeing, radio-theater, television commercials, narration, and a host of other media. Some of his theatrical roles include:  Ebenezer Scrooge, Harold Hill in “The Music Man”, Fagan (in “Oliver”), Elwood P. Dowd in “Harvey” and scores of others.

Additionally, he is a voice impersonator having recreated the voices of: Jack Benny, FDR, Yogi Bear, and many others on radio and elsewhere. Career highlights include writing, directing and voice-over work for Hanna-Barbera Productions in Hollywood, singing as one of the Pied Pipers with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra at Chicago’s Ravinia Festival and touring Sweden with a vocal quartet.  Interestingly, he also appeared on a national television game show, “Second Chance” and as a competitor on the Food Network’s “Chopped.”

His presentations as Franklin D. Roosevelt, our country’s 32nd President, began over ten years ago.  Since then, he has performed as FDR in New York, Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.  He has appeared four times at the FDR National Historic Site in Hyde Park by invitation from the National Park Service:  twice at the Wallace Visitors Center, at Top Cottage and at Springwood, FDR’s home to portray our 32nd President in their “Torchlight Parade” which has been an election-year tradition since 1932.  He has presented at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Park in Kentucky and has appeared as the keynote speaker at the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee “Wilderness Wildlife Week”. For two years he toured in “A Fireside Chat:  A Conversation with FDR”, a one-man theatrical show which was critically acclaimed.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and master degrees in both radio and television and business.  After a fifteen year career as a writer and director of educational media he worked in non-profit association management for nearly thirty years.

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