Happy Birthday NPS

On August 25 I once again was able to visit with my friends at the Saratoga National Historical Park.  On this third visit there I helped celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.  On August 25, 1916 President Wilson established the NPS and during his administration FDR vastly enlarged the scope of the park service by putting historical and cultural monuments and sites under its jurisdiction.  He also signed bills creating several new park.  Visitors to the national parks increased from about three million in the early 1930s to more than fifteen million people by 1939 despite those being depression  years.  That is in part due to the work done by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) created by FDR.  We had a nice fireside chat at the SNHP and enjoyed s’mores afterward.   A great birthday party.

About Gary M. Stamm

I am an actor and presenter who gives programs and presentation as Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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